Renovating the basement to create livable space is a great way to increase the living area of the home and also a great way to increase its value. Though the costs can be expensive to create a finished space, most homeowners are willing to undertake the fact because of these two aspects.  Before starting any basement renovation however you need to consider all the costs and plan ahead for them.  So what are some of those costs of finishing a basement?

Framing and Walls

Framing in the basement means creating different zones and spaces, and can allow you to create a bathroom, guest bathroom or laundry along with the living area of the basement. The walls are framed with traditional wooden 2×4 planks of wood, and usually finished with drywall, taped and treated. Buying mildew resistant drywall is one extra step homeowners can take to reduce the chances that moisture is going to damage the space.



What types of flooring are you going to use in the basement? Carpet can be a great way to create a comfortable and inviting living space and can help to reduce the cold floors that are often associated with basements. Before the final floor is chosen, you might want to consider some sort of sub-floor. This floor can help to reduce the cold feeling and insulate the basement.


Finishing Touches

The finishing touches that are going to be placed on the basement include any painting and treatment that is going to be completed in the basement. To create paint that is going to be durable and outlast other finishes, you might want to consider something that is resistant to mold (just in case there is a high level of moisture in the basement). The finishing touches can be expensive and add significantly to the cost to refinish a basement, and homeowners on a budget should choose these features wisely.


Most homeowners can involve some aspect of weekend renovations or do-it-yourself work throughout the renovation of the basement. This can save time and reduce the costs of renovations in the home.