As winter settles in and temperatures drop dramatically, there is nothing better than sitting in a comfortable chair by the fireside and sipping a glass of wine while listening to your daughter playing your favorite tune on the piano. This fairytale scenario has become some sort of a trite, more or less similar versions permeating the mainstream media, the classifieds and so on the forth. However, as many other homeowners would definitely concur, a fireplace is a must have addition to any house for many reasons.

Why install a fireplace in times of more renewable heating solutions

Fireplaces often conjure up images of children fumbling through red or green stockings hung on the mantel to find presents and sweets on Christmas day. Such picturesque association is rather understandable, given that fireplaces are often the epitome of intimacy and congenial family atmosphere where everybody feels safe and out of harm’s way. They do not only keep human body warm on a chilly winter night but they also help people spend some quality time with their family and friends, forge more intimate bonds with their lover(s) or just boost the overall mood.

So if you have been thinking about installing a fireplace lets talk about some reasons you might want to consider.

Besides the feeling of comfort and love, a fireplace may perk up a dull living room, irrespective of its style or other pieces of furniture, adding a classy twist to the overall design and hence tying everything together. Moreover, a fireplace insert will allow the homeowner to indulge in the symphony of senses and visual delights brought about by the cracking wood.

The homey feeling and the aesthetic appeals are indeed two potent arguments in favor of fireplace insert but cost-efficiency ratio will certainly convince the homeowner to purchase and install one. The energy bills are often much lower than if you installed a central heating system when you use wood, not gas to keep the fire burning.

Whether you want to spend a few memorable moments with your lover, improve your interior decor or downsize your energy bill, a fireplace will certainly not fail to meet your expectations.