Home Renovations can result in a beautiful home when plans are researched and clearly documented. Once plans are available in firm written form, decisions must be made on how the Renovations will materialize. Some things to consider when planning your renovation are:

  • Who will actually do the work? Contractors or you?
  • If it will be a combination you must divide up who will be responsible for what?
  • How will the renovation be funded?
  • How much will the renovation cost? Have you built in a contingency budget for unplanned problems?
  • Do you have the necessary skills and tools to perform any do-it-yourself work?
  • Will you be able to supervise the renovation process?
  • Do you have a system in place to manage the entire renovation?
  • Do you know what your local area permitting requirements are and who will be responsible for getting them?
  • Maintaining a safe and clean work environment assures successful completion of the project.

After addressing the above aspects of a home Renovations plan, the homeowner can plan the size scope of the actual project. Determining what portion of the home to include in the Renovations, allows a decision on what professional services, if any, to seek for assistance. Knowing the services that are going to be sought, allows the homeowner to begin checking the availability of professionals. References of these chosen contractors need to be checked prior to hiring their services. Contact former customers to determine their level of satisfaction. The Better Business Bureau in the immediate community is also a good source of information regarding a contractor’s reputation for performing satisfactory work.

There are books available that a homeowner can read to increase his/her knowledge on what to expect during a planned project of home Renovations. This knowledge is especially beneficial when performing a do-it-yourself project. Supervision of contracted professionals is easier with some knowledge of the work expectations.

Having a picture in mind and on paper of what the end-results should look like and what will be the use of the space helps the owner to make many decisions during the planning phase for Renovations. The services of a professional architect could prove valuable at this point. There is also home design software available to assist with making plans for the layout of Renovations prior to actual completion.

Consulting other homeowners regarding their experiences with Renovations helps with avoiding problems with a remodeling project. There are web sites that make this possible with message boards, reply forms and chat rooms that allow for questions and answers facilitating feedback.

Acknowledging the future plans and needs for a family are important considerations to include in plans for Renovations. Plans to sell a home in the near future can affect the need to remodel or the size of the project. Care should be taken to avoid overpricing a home for its neighborhood. This is important when considering a decision to sell the house. If a house is overpriced, a seller stands to lose money in a sale of the property.

The ultimate satisfactory completion of a Renovations project will depend on the team chosen to complete the work. The size of the project and the uniqueness of the details will determine the level of professionalism necessary for completion of the job. Plans for necessary adjustments in completing the work should be considered in the financial arrangements and contract negotiations with professionals. Surviving a project can be successful with prior detailed planning.

Lastly, no matter how big or small you renovation plans are you need to have a system in place to help you manage the entire process. A system will help you keep track of everything and make sure that you aren’t missing anything seemingly small but very important details. The Renovation Domination system can help you along with this process. Check out www.RenovationDomination.com for more information on managing your renovation process.