Bob McIntosh

Bob McIntoshBob McIntosh is the red head from Red Head Rehabs and lives and breathes real estate investing, internet marketing, technology and bringing all of those things together.  Taking the real estate education market for home owners by storm, Bob leveraged his experience as a seasoned investor, combined with his passion and knowledge of technology to deliver the best education for home owners on their homes by harnessing the power of the internet.

With a focus on providing the best knowledge based on experience and using the mistakes made and learned from, Bob has helped grow one of the premiere real estate education businesses in the US today.  Using the power of joint ventures with many “A” players in the field Bob has been able to help home owners dominate their renovations!

Bob is passionate about renovating homes and is a self-proclaimed ‘renovation dominator’ with a passion for helping home owners from getting screwed in one of the few industries left where consumers voice is often not heard.  Bob’s systems allow home owners and investors alike truly dominate in an area that has been traditionally difficult to break into due to high barriers to entry.

Bob’s Renovation Domination systems and processes for renovating homes has been tested and works successfully in any market anywhere in the US, and probably the world as well!  Bob prides himself on taking what many people think of as technical or out of their league and simplifying the process down to something that they not only understand, but comprehend and can replicate over and over!

Bob McIntosh is a graduate of Rochester Institute of technology where he studied Management Information Systems.  Upon graduating he became a white hat hacker and IT Audit specialist for one of the top accounting firms in the US.  Working there allowed Bob to travel around the US to every major city, and numerous smaller cities (over 200 in total!).  This helped Bob gain a newfound respect for homeowners all over the country, from rural towns to big cities.  No matter the size or location of homes, one thing is a constant.  They always need to be renovated at some point and the process to do that is often fuzzy at best.

From there Bob along with his father Rob, started their real estate investment business with an eye towards helping home owners.  After several years of helping home owners out of their distressed situations they started Red Head Rehabs which is dedicated to becoming the best real estate education company in the country.  Since Red Head Rehabs in June of 2011, it has helped home owners from all across the country dominate their renovations!

In addition to this Bob McIntosh has shared the stage with some of the largest names in the real estate industry such as Than Merrill, Paul Esajian, JD Esajian, and Ralph Plumb.  He has also had the honor of speaking for Home Owners Associations, Real Estate Investment Associations, and many other groups of home owners and real estate investors.